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Peppermint Kiss Soy Candle
Constance Herrera
Peppermint Kiss: My favorite candle of all

I buy this every year for myself and for gifts. The smell is so wonderful and reminds me of all the good scents and flavors of the holidays. No one can resist feeling good when they smell Peppermint Kiss!

Smells wonderful

I love the smell of this candle; my only problem is that it doesn't burn evenly. I will need to buy a candle warmer to get the candle to burn evenly. Otherwise, no other complaints.

Gingerbread Soy Candle
Christina Santiago

This one gives a really nice spice and sweet blend, love this for the holidays!

Cinnamon Buns Soy Candle
Christina Santiago
My favorite

Loveeee this one, fills the whole 1st floor with cinnamony deliciousness!

Best Smelling Candle Brown Sugar and Fig

Wow! Best smelling Candle for sure!

Honeysuckle Jasmine Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
Elegant and Relaxing

Another one of my go-to scents for making the basement less dreary as the floral scent gives me energy and clears my mind for my chores! [Also a good one to pair with a soothing bubble bath after the basement work is done!]

Lemon Pound Cake Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
Calorie-free Pound Cake Delight!

I'm stunned at how much this smells like lemony, buttery poundcake! Zesty, cozy, warm, and delicious! Just amazing!

Peppermint Kiss Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
Peppy Peppermint!

This scent is super minty, sweet, and refreshing like a candy cane! I have admittedly been saving it for the lead-up to Christmas since the fall scents have been too wonderful not to enjoy while the leaves turned and fell outside. PRO TIP: I love to burn multiple candles together at a time for different motifs of scent and I will say that the Bridgerton collection item "Lick the Spoon" (which seems to be discontinued - super chocolatey) will ABSOLUTELY be paired with this one to give me the vibe of Thin Mints Girlscout cookies!

Rosemary Sage Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
Fall-time herbal aromatherapy

Another great purchase in attempts to appease my anti-candle husband, haha! He and I can both enjoy the herbal scents of the pine-y rosemary with the warmth of autumnal sage - some of the best scents that make me think of making stuffing for thanksgiving!

Sea Salt & Orchid Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
Seaside floral zen

I enjoy the clean, relaxing floral scent that makes me think of an ocean getaway! It is perfect to help make my work in the basement far less dreary!

Strawberries & Cream Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
Strawberry Creme Candy

Sweet and soft, emphasis on the creaminess but with a sweet candy-like spike of strawberry!

White Tea & Ginger Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
A long-time personal favorite

When I saw this scent was available at Mayday! Underground Arts + Crafts (Spring 2022), that was the start of my fan-girling for Light My Candle Co. haha! I loved this scent since I first bought it from another candlemaker and was thrilled that I could get the same soothing scent as I remembered it support someone local to me! Just the right intensity of scent, it gives all the right vibes of serenity and clarity for a moment of zen.

Fraser Fir Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
Feelin' Pine!

Since my husband grew up with his family's Christmas Tree business but he isn't fond of candles, I had to get one that would please us both! Thankfully both he and I enjoy the scent (even if he claims it smells more like a different species of pine instead of Fraser fir, not that I can tell! I just enjoy that it is pine-y, haha!) I enjoy lighting this candle for some forest-y vibes when I'm immersing myself in a woodsy game or when I'm getting ramped up for the holidays!

Brown Sugar & Fig Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
Sweet and Cozy

I am so glad I encountered this scent at Mayday! Underground Arts + Crafts (spring 2022) because by name alone, I would never have thought this would have been one of my favorite candle scents - surprise to me because it definitely is one of my favorites now! I love the rich and soothing smell of the fig and brown sugar together. So cozy!

Cinnamon Buns Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
Cinnamon bun love!

Smells amazingly like freshly made cinnamon buns - before lighting, smells doughy and sweet like unbaked buns. After it's been lit, the smell is incredibly delicious! A perfect fall-winter scent!


this is my 3rd time purchasing from Light My Candle and I will never go back to any other brand. Ever. Cranberry Marmalade is my go to for all seasons, perfect blend of sweet and citrus.

Love these melts!

The apple cider and pumpkin spice melts are so pure and scrumptious . They burn very clean and the scents are not at all artificial or overbearing.. I highly recommend these!

Pumpkin Spice

I love this scent! Very natural and not overwhelming.

Electric Wax Warmer - "Skull Glow"
Gorgeous and Effective!

Pictures do not do this thing justice! It's beautiful. It's almost like a gunmetal silver and it's pops so nice against the glow! The bulb is also durable and not one of those scary-fragile ones you find in warmers a lot.
It melted the wax within in minutes and looks awesome glowing on my entry table!
I am also local to Rochester and got my order delivered within 24 hours of ordering. Beyond impressed with this company!

Better Than Imagined!

This somehow smells just like you'd imagine, but better. It's sweet and creamy with the right amount of fruity!

The Perfect Citrus

This scent is amazing! It's delightfully sweet without being overly sweet-smelling. Perfect hint of all different citrus fruits.

Fruity Autumn Scent

A great fall scent that has just the right amount of spice and fruitiness!

Great customer service!

Ordered these and two other scents to be Christmas stocking stuffers for my kid (candles aren’t allowed in the dorms but wax melts are!) The order arrived early and packaged well. They smell great but won’t be used until December… I bet that they’ll be even better when warmed!

Macintosh Soy Candle
Sandra Davis
Macintosh Apple

Love my candle plain and simple. Will purchase more in the near future. Thank you for quality work.

Lavender Soy Candle
Jennifer Kaczynski
Amazing Candles

I received my first lavender candle as a gift for Christmas. I burn one every night as I get ready for bed. I have used all different brands. The smell of this candle is better than all of them. I also love that it is a small business that I am supporting. I bought 4 more, and will keep on doing so.