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Love these melts

Great scent
Good throw-I paired with the candle
Definitely recommend
10 star customer service!!

Love this scent

Not too overwhelming
Great scent
Would definitely recommend
Great customer service!!!! (10 stars!)

Tomato Leaf

My favorite scent to burn in the summer months. Light My Candle Co.candles are my absolute favorite!

Strawberries & cream

Strawberries, sweet and subtle. Love this scent!


This scent is my absolute favorite! It reminds me of a body spray I used to wear years ago, but it's discontinued. This brown sugar & fig brings back old memories & I can't get enough of it.

Love, love, love!!!

This is such an amazing candle! I love the clean scent as it burns. The label is so pretty and I loved the packaging (tissue) in which it arrived. The candles shipped very quickly! Definitely recommend and I'll be back for more.

Christmas... in March!

Such a homey scent. Love relaxing with this candle. Fills the whole room!


This is my favorite scent! So subtle and simple. Great quality candle and lasts a long time!

Perfect Gift

This was the perfect gift to send to my daughter who moved into a new home. She loves candles and the smell of lavender - Light My Candle, co made gift giving easy and fun!

Exactly what I was looking for

I love this scent from BBW and really wanted a wax this scent. I haven't burnt it yet to see how long it lasts but will soon. I hope they never stop making this scent.

Authentic Lavender

This Lavender soy melt reminds me of my childhood and the fresh lavender we grew and picked outside our home. Clean, fresh, calming.

Candle Warmer

I love my candle warmer because I can warm the jar by removing the tray for the candle wax. I absolutely love the natural products that are used to make the candles because I don't cough from the scent. I will continue to buy my candles from Light my Candle.

Cranberry Marmalade Soy Candle
Christopher Caraccilo
I love this fragrance!!

I bought my candles at the 2022 Roc Holiday Village and finally got around in Jan to lighting them. I like the Brown Sugar but I LOVE the Cranberry Marmalade!! Fills the house with a warm and welcoming scent.

My ONLY Candle Source!

I ordered the Brown Sugar & Fig and OMG I have lit it every day! This candle burns so clean & I feel safe burning it in my home with my dog. Can’t wait to place my next order!

Love these candles!

We picked up a candle at the Roc Holiday Village and loved it! The scent is strong but not overbearing and the candle seems to burn forever! We needed to pick up some more for gifts for folks who have moved away. We will always buy these candles!

Peppermint Kiss Soy Candle
Constance Herrera
Peppermint Kiss: My favorite candle of all

I buy this every year for myself and for gifts. The smell is so wonderful and reminds me of all the good scents and flavors of the holidays. No one can resist feeling good when they smell Peppermint Kiss!

Smells wonderful

I love the smell of this candle; my only problem is that it doesn't burn evenly. I will need to buy a candle warmer to get the candle to burn evenly. Otherwise, no other complaints.

Gingerbread Soy Candle
Christina Santiago

This one gives a really nice spice and sweet blend, love this for the holidays!

Cinnamon Buns Soy Candle
Christina Santiago
My favorite

Loveeee this one, fills the whole 1st floor with cinnamony deliciousness!

Best Smelling Candle Brown Sugar and Fig

Wow! Best smelling Candle for sure!

Honeysuckle Jasmine Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
Elegant and Relaxing

Another one of my go-to scents for making the basement less dreary as the floral scent gives me energy and clears my mind for my chores! [Also a good one to pair with a soothing bubble bath after the basement work is done!]

Lemon Pound Cake Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
Calorie-free Pound Cake Delight!

I'm stunned at how much this smells like lemony, buttery poundcake! Zesty, cozy, warm, and delicious! Just amazing!

Peppermint Kiss Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
Peppy Peppermint!

This scent is super minty, sweet, and refreshing like a candy cane! I have admittedly been saving it for the lead-up to Christmas since the fall scents have been too wonderful not to enjoy while the leaves turned and fell outside. PRO TIP: I love to burn multiple candles together at a time for different motifs of scent and I will say that the Bridgerton collection item "Lick the Spoon" (which seems to be discontinued - super chocolatey) will ABSOLUTELY be paired with this one to give me the vibe of Thin Mints Girlscout cookies!

Rosemary Sage Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
Fall-time herbal aromatherapy

Another great purchase in attempts to appease my anti-candle husband, haha! He and I can both enjoy the herbal scents of the pine-y rosemary with the warmth of autumnal sage - some of the best scents that make me think of making stuffing for thanksgiving!

Sea Salt & Orchid Soy Candle
Carrie "Crazdude" Lindstrom
Seaside floral zen

I enjoy the clean, relaxing floral scent that makes me think of an ocean getaway! It is perfect to help make my work in the basement far less dreary!